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Introducing Naluage, the cutting-edge hair lightening technique developed through years of research and innovation by Michael John Guzzon.
This freehand method gently brightens the outer layer of hair, creating a natural and effortless look.
As an amateur surfer, Michael John drew inspiration from the sun-kissed highlights that  naturally occur on hair after time spent in the waves. He spent years perfecting this technique to create a gentle and innovative way to lighten hair. The result is Naluage, a technique  that mimics the natural highlights achieved from spending time on the beach, without the damaging effects of extended sun exposure.
The name “Naluage” is derived from the Hawaiian word “NAlu,” meaning “surf” or “wave,” and perfectly captures the carefree and beachy vibe that this technique embodies. Unlike traditional highlighting methods, Naluage provides less
damage to the hair and grows naturally, without harsh regrowth lines. 
Experience the magic of Naluage and achieve the perfect beachy look you’ve always wanted at our salon.
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